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After two months of shelter in place, many areas are starting to re-open for business. But while we’re seeing more local businesses opening up for curb side pickup and local deliveries, social gathering and regulations around group activities are still unknown. Many of our corporate clients have suspended events through 2020, and most of our 2020 social clients have postponed their events until 2021 (and all for good reason).

In addition to COVID’s impact on events, it has also transformed how companies approach their workspaces and how teams work together. With many offices choosing to remain closed through at least early fall, teams are staying connected via virtual meetings. With weeks of isolation, and lack of in-person interaction, now more than ever it’s important to get your team engaged and motivated. Virtual team building experiences are a great way to make that happen.

The purpose of team building is to increase trust, improve communication, increase collaboration and ensure your employees feel valued. Our curated virtual experiences lead your team through fun, engaging activities, teaching a new skill or facilitating a friendly competition. Our programs are designed to get everyone interacting, by supplying each attendee with a tool kit with all of the necessary ingredients for the virtual experience. Whether it’s a mixology class or a painting party, your team members receive the supplies they’ll need to participate.

Our team handles everything to make the virtual team building experiences happen. We’ll set up the platform, book the instructor, curate + ship tool kits, and manage experience participation. Whether you’re looking at one of our signature experiences (mixology, painting, coffee brewing, tea time, and tarot reading to name a few) or a custom team building activity, we are ready to get your group set up. Shoot us an email – – or shop directly on our site.

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