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Since our celebrations, team meetings, and activities have begun going virtual, our team has been working to find a way to bring people together as though they were in one space. We realized that having everyone participate in the same activity, with the same set of tools/props/ingredients would allow guests to experience the different senses together (citrus smell during cocktail making), keeping them engaged. With this in mind, we’ve curated interactive experiences to delight the senses. Whether your team is looking to bond over coffee brewing techniques before the morning meeting or your friends want to regroup in a mixology class, we have experienced and entertaining instructors, along with all the necessary tools, to make that happen. We’ve made the process super easy - simply pick an experience, select guest count and date, and we’ll provide everything else - online platform, agenda, and all the tools. Below are our most popular experiences, and include Mixology, Painting Party, Tea Time, and Coffee Master. We’ve also planned brewery hopping, wine tasting, scavenger hunts, and pasta making for our clients. The possibilities are endless!!

VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE - MIXOLOGY Want to reconnect with your friends or coworkers over a cocktail? Learn essential behind-the-bar techniques while brushing up on flavor theory and emerging recipe methodologies. Cocktail options provided!

Box includes: shaker, juicer, syrup, soda, instructions/prep card

VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE - PAINTING PARTY If your group is looking to get your creative juices flowing, the painting class is a great opportunity to spark those ideas. Learn the basics of watercolor painting and discover hidden talents within your group!

Box includes: brushes, paint, water vessel, paper, instructions/prep card VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE - TEA TIME Take a moment to relax and catch up with the pals while enjoying some freshly brewed tea and delicious snacks. Learn from a tea-ologist about the history of tea, brewing techniques, and maybe even create a new ritual.

Box includes: loose tea, infuser, biscuits, crystal sugar, instructions/prep card VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE - COFFEE MASTER Nothing like caffeine to ensure everyone is awake and engaged! Our Coffee Master experience walks you through the scientific approach to brewing the perfect cup of joe, while recreating a coffee shop environment through the coffee roasting scent.

Box includes: ground coffee, chimex, cup, thermometer, instructions/prep card

Our curated offerings for corporate groups, social gatherings and kids’ parties are extensive, so please reach out for additional inquiries, including custom experiences. We’ve planned wine tasting, scavenger hunts, tarot reading, calligraphy and pasta making for our clients - the possibilities are endless!! All boxes are packed in a sterile environment for participants’ safety. Email: Phone: 415.562.6209 Web: IG: @studiodbi

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