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When it comes to design, we love a good juxtaposition. Morgan + Milan’s wedding is a great example of

how two different aesthetics can harmoniously come together to create something visually stunning.

When I had my initial call with M+M, they stressed the importance of aesthetic. As I dug deeper, I

learned that Morgan was a top fashion stylist based and working in NYC and it immediately became

clear to me why the visuals were so important. As we continued our chat, Milan expressed his

excitement for their California ranch venue because it provided an opportunity for their closest family +

friends to spend the weekend together on property (guests enjoyed a variety of accommodations,

including private cottage suites and glamping). I knew immediately that our goal would be to weave

Morgan’s colorful design into the largely spread-out venue, to create an intimate environment Milan

was imaging, where every guest felt like they were the VIP guest.

We used design to facilitate cozy settings within a large open space, and meal services to encourage

interaction and community. For the ceremony, guests were guided to large open field, with nothing but

rolling hills and chairs to match. The focus was fully on the altar, where white risers with colorful

vessels+florals, anchored the vows.

For cocktail hour, guests were invited to another large opening, where a variety of lounge vignettes,

food stations, and a large bar allowed family and friends to catch up in different size groups. To create

what felt like an intimate area in a huge space, we intentionally positioned lounge vignettes and food

stations to all face the center, so everyone felt like they were in an enclosed gathering.

For dinner, guests sat at long tables, sharing a family style meal, with multiple courses. We once again

kept the chairs and linen neutral, and allowed the bright florals, vessels, and stationery goodies to pop.

We also made sure the menu was colorful, including not only the ingredients but the accents (think

edible flowers, bright vessels)

While there was a consist theme throughout, nothing was perfectly matched. Each wedding entourage

outfit, lounge vignette, and floral arrangement had its own look and structure, yet it all came together in

perfect harmony. Check out all the beautiful details below!

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