Updated: May 26, 2020

For many of us, we're kicking off week 4 of shelter-in-place. We're spending a good amount of time searching for new at-home activities, exercises, and recipes to keep us occupied for the next three weeks (if not longer). The great thing about being "stuck" at home, is we get to actually spend time at home and take in the space. We finally have the opportunity to enjoy meals at our dining tables (with the occasional couch switch-up to keep things interesting) and reconnect with our quarantine buddies.

As you start running out of ideas how to keep your kids (or yourself) occupied / sane, we invite (and challenge!) you to join us in getting creative with your tablescapes! Whether it's lunchtime or dinner time, let's see what you can do with what you've got around the house. Saving the fancy china for Thanksgiving dinner? Why not pull it out for tonight's dinner? Mix it with more casual elements already on hand (e.g. placemats currently on your dining table?) and sprinkle in foraged goods from your backyard (or outside stroll). If you have fabric laying around that you've been meaning to donate/use for a project, cut custom napkins to replace the go-to paper towel napkins you've been using for weeks.

A few tips:

- layer away! Use placemats/linen as the anchor, followed by dinner plate, salad bowl, and even a b+b plate (we know many of you have become experts at baking bread (we see your IG stories!)).

- play with colors and patterns! Whether you already have a go-to dining set, or you're pulling together mix-matched goodies, it's fun to stack solids on top of patterns on top of solids. And don't forget texture! Those wicker placemats are the perfect contrast to your Heath ceramic plates.

- bring nature to the table! It's spring, so fortunately for you there's tons blooming right outside your door. Snap a few cherry blossom tree branches and add them to the place settings or place them in jars/bottles you have lying around the house for the center of the table. And if you're not into blooms - rocks also work (<-- we're serious - rocks grouped at the base of your candles will elevate your design).

- get creative! Place tealights into different containers, handwrite (or practice calligraphy) place setting cards, and even decorate the backs of chairs. The possibilities are endless and spicing up your dining setting will break-up the monotony of what seems to be an endless groundhog day sequence.

With Easter coming up this weekend, it's a great excuse to deck out the dining table. And not having the pressure to set the table for 20 guests, you have room to think outside the box and curate a signature look that can inspire next year gatherings.

We can't wait to see what you come up with - remember to tag us! @studiodbi

Tablescape Styling: Studio DBI

Photography: Audra Wrisley Photography

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