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FAACTS Summit Recap

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of working with an incredible group of organizations to help plan and produce the first 2024 SF Food Action Summit: The Road to Good Food, presented by the Food and Agriculture Action Coalition Toward Sovereignty (FAACTS). This citywide community-led and centered summit took place on March 3rd and 4th, 2024 at the Southeast Community Center in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.

It brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including farmers, local food purveyors, food service workers and their unions, restaurant leaders, grassroots leaders, community-based organizations, and more  with a common vision to create cohesion, power, and strength in community and conviction. The ultimate goal was to walk away with a better understanding of what’s needed to strengthen the good food system in San Francisco and the summit achieved just that. #EverybodyEatsSF


The Food and Agriculture Action Coalition Toward Sovereignty (FAACTS) was formed in 2022, when 30 local partner organizations identified the necessity of ensuring consistent and equitable access to food and nutrition services in San Francisco. 

FAACTS Mission

FAACTS has an amazing mission to build a just, sustainable, and holistic food system, ensuring we are neighborhood-based and coordinated across every district in San Francisco, with the goal of nourishing our community in a way that is sincere, healthy, empowering, specific, culturally relevant, humble, and abundant.

When we learned about the mission of FAACTS and the desired impact of the inaugural summit, we knew we had to get involved. In 6 weeks, we were able to:

  • Build out a vendor team of rentals, signage, swag, and dining

  • Manage Registration, including drafting invites, working with the super talented graphic designer, and tracking rsvps 

  • Logistics, including a/v + room transitions throughout the 2 days 

  • Design a culinary program attendees are still talking about

  • Ensure the planning + host committee members were able to focus on building out a robust program, with empowering speakers, and workshops to move the needle, while pushing the short planning task timeline along.  

Workshops/Topics Included:

  • Building a Good Food Solidarity Economy

  • Decolonizing the Land

  • SF is a Food Capital: How Food Culture Will Revitalize SF

  • The Right to Food

  • Immigrant Experience and Food4All

  • Economic Justice is Food Justice

  • Liberation Leaders: Youth as Good Food Leaders

  • Uplifting a Black-Led and Black-Fed Ecosystem

  • Getting Good Food in Schools and Institutions

We really enjoyed hearing from many amazing organizations, including some of the below:

  • Foodwise

  • Nourish CA

  • Student Nutrition Services, SFUSD

  • National Right to Food, Community of Practice

  • Center for Good Food Purchasing

Some our team’s favorite highlights include:

NIGHT 1 Dinner with keynote speaker Aomboon Deasy and dinner by Ruculina

DAY 2 Banda Sin Nombre closing out day 2, while attendees “shopped” at our grocery shopping experience with custom FAACTS totes. 

If you have interest in getting involved with FAACTS, reach out to them directly at

And if you’ve got a conference, team offsite, an anniversary party, and or a client appreciation event, reach out to us directly to chat about how we can help.  

PHOTOS by Lisa Frare

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