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Liesse and DJ came in and immediately had a vision. They chose a raw warehouse in the Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco as the backdrop for their dance floor-centric celebration. They brought in modern details to create a cool, chic event, with lighting design driving how each space felt.

Guests entered on the main floor, where they were greeted with cocktails from The Whiskey Chaser trailer, lit up with marquee letters. The bride and groom chose to highlight two signature cocktails - a bourbon cocktail and a gin-based cocktail - an excellent way to shorten the bar lines. Limiting the selections to just two beverages allowed bartenders to get cocktails in everyone's hands at lighting speed, creating the ultimate guest experience.

Once guests were seated, the wedding party entered a completely dark room, with just the aisle and altar spotlit. This created a dramatic effect, and furthermore, highlighted and isolated the altar, making it THE focal point with no distractions.

After the ceremony, guests headed to the top floor, to enjoy cocktail hour with view of San Francisco, while the couple and family snapped some post-I Do's group shots. While the inside of the warehouse providing some amazing neutral backdrops, the group headed to the streets to take advantage of the incredible architectural details of this historic neighborhood (umm hello large door details in the first image).

Following cocktail hour, guests paraded back downstairs, to where we transformed the ceremony into a sexy reception space, filled with hundreds of candles and white rose stems. Long tables created a communal setting, where guests enjoyed a family style meal, while listening to hysterical speeches and toasts. While Liesse and DJ kept the overall design neutral, they still managed to add personal touches throughout, including requesting grilled lemons on all dinner tables as guests entered - a tabletop treat the couple is known for having at their meals.

Once the dancing kicked off, the bride changed into a gorgeous red sari, to honor the groom's culture. The fun continued as the guests stripped the dining tables and set up one long flip cup table, another thing the couple is known for when hosting at their home. The high energy of competition transitioned to the dance floor, where at some point a money gun appeared, showering guests with dollar bills as they dropped it low.

As everyone headed out to the afterparty at a local bar, Trick Dog, the bride had one more wardrobe change, this time a party dress, paired with a short veil (giving us all sorts of Rock n' Roll vibes!). When the night ends with dancing on the bar while spraying everyone with champagne? We call that an epic party.

A chic San Francisco wedding, with a black and white theme

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